Do not miss César's Centaur just 450 meters from the hotel

A monumental work by the French sculptor César (1921-1998), the Centaure is located 2 Place Michel Debré 450 meters from the Petit Chomel, in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Près in the 6th arrondissement. You can discover it during the walk in the streets around the hotel. With its 4.7 meters high, this bronze sculpture deserves to be seen! it represents a centaure: a creature of Greek mythology with a horse body and a bust of a man. The head of the man is that of Caesar who is represented. To make his sculpture, the artist used recycled materials. A dove of peace is placed on the left hand of the centaur. If you look closely, you will discover the small statue of Liberty hiding in the breastplate of the beast. Tribute to Picasso, this work is certainly one of the most beautiful sculptures of César!


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