Strolling around the Louvre

Located less than 2 km walk from the hotel Petit Chomel, the Louvre is in the heart of Paris and historical places of the capital. Before visiting the Museum, we advise you to make a stop at the Café Marly in the Cour Marly. You will have a view on the Pyramid but also inside the Museum. Once the visit is complete, it is pleasant to stroll in the Tuileries Gardens before heading to the adjacent streets that lead to the "Comédie Française" and Palais Royal. You will discover small courtyards, patios and squares as the garden of the Palais Royal.This tranquil garden is bordered by arcades in three galleries: Gallery of Montpensier in the west, the north Beaujolais gallery, the gallery Valois east and south of the Garden Gallery.

Jardin des Tuileries Comédie Française Jardin du Palais Royal