Enjoy Paris at the beach !

From July 20 to August 16 on the road on Berge Georges Pompidou and Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, you can go to the beach but also discover a number of activities and options.

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Original cruise on the Seine

From the port of Solferino, near the hotel Le Petit Chomel , Paris Canal offers cruises from half past two on the Seine and the Canal Saint Martin to the Parc de la Villette, to the Marne and its famous taverns to the island of Chatou Impressionists .

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Visit the new Zoo of Vincennes

Located 5 minutes walk from the Metro station Porte Dorée (line 8), the Zoo de Vincennes reopened after 6 years of renovations. 180 animal species are grouped in optimal conditions of well-being in five main geographical areas and 16 natural environments.

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Shakespeare et company

Located at a subway station "Sevre-Babylone" next to the Petit Chomel, Shakespeare and Company bookstore is a place not to be missed. Open there is more than a century, this store is still considered the center of the Anglo-American culture.

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Visit in Paris Velib ', it's simple and environmentally friendly

With good weather, it is very pleasant to visit Paris by bike, the capital enjoying the many landscaped paths. And Sundays and holidays, the banks are closed on routes motorists to leave the way open to walkers and cyclists.

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Exhibition Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Grand Palais

After nine stages, Montreal, New York, London, Paris finally discovers the great exhibition dedicated to the most popular French couturiers, the virtuoso Jean Paul Gaultier, whose unconventional universe has already attracted nearly 1.4 million visitors in the world.

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